His Name is Jesus/Sandra Dorton

A true love story


The life of Sandra Dorton

 Hi, I am Sandy.  I have been given the privilege to share my story with you all.  I have just finished recording my first music album.  Which is one way I was given to share my songs.  I wrote it as the Lord was healing my heart from places I had been broken and hurt in for years.  Music is a way that I am able to seek the Lord, and am able to find him.  My songs come from my life. I am also writing a book that I am not finished with at this time.  But hope to be very soon.  The title of that book is You Healed my Broken Heart --”Oh Lord”  The Life of Sandra Dorton.  In my book, I give a brief overview of my life before Christ. The rest of my book is about my life after I was born into Gods family.  On the web page I will periodically give you excerpts of my book and demos of the music.  I want to make it clear, each person is unique. God the father does not make one of us alike.  My story comes from my life. And  no one else can live the life I lived.  The life of my experiences and the great healing the Lord has done in my life.  I believe we can help each other along the way. Revelations 12-11 says, “And they have defeated him.” Him  being (the devil).  Defeated by the blood of the Lamb. The l am being (Jesus) at the cross.  And by their testimony.  My story is that I am a witness of who Christ has been for me.  And what he will do for me, he will do for you.  Romans 2-11 says God does not show favoritism.  I found my freedom in this one truelove.  Jesus.  And it is a journey.  The best journey you will have ever gone on!  And if you have not met him, let me encourage you to call on him.  Your the only one who can make the choice.  And that was the best choice I ever made.  In my new album, His Name is Jesus, I have a song on there titled Call on Him!  This month I have chosen to share this music video with the public.  The story is

about a homeless person who wanders away from home.  The homeless person made the choice to walk away from his life God had given him because he thought there was going to be something better out there.  He found himself without family, love, home and food. All the gifts the Lord gives each of us. But he returns back home and the father welcomes him in.  He calls on the Lord and the Lord brings him back home where he belongs-in the loving arms of his father.  We have all had a homeless heart at sometime.  And you may be there right now.  But I will promise you, if you seek him out with a sincere heart he will answer your call.

                                     Call on him! Sweet Jesus!

You Healed my Broken Heart - "Oh Lord."


Music CD - His Name is Jesus



"You Healed my Broken Heart - Oh Lord!"

Keep a close eye! My book will be out soon. I am giving you images of the front and back cover.

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"You Healed my Broken Heart - Oh Lord!"

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Every one needs to be Loved~


Ride~ You bring freedom to my soul ~ As we rode we flowed in a roll~ Together we ran to see this beautiful land ~ I felt your heart beating as fast as mine~ As every step we took in stride~ Ride~ Ride~ Ride~ Ride~ I knew the amazing gift ~ You were down deep inside~ As the sun shined in my eyes~ I saw the reflection of him again~ Jesus Riding in the sky ~ Saying~" Ride~Ride~Ride~Ride~ Written by: Sandra Whittaker 6-1-2018

The cross did it all~

The last 7 things Jesus spoke before he left his body~


May 12th 2018, This was the day I graduated with my master's degree in Christian Counseling. I made a promise to a person that was very dear to my heart that I would finish my race. This time I was going to lay down all my dreams and just die. That is what would have happened to me if I had stayed a victim. Instead I am a victor. Because of him, Jesus Christ, he never left me in the darkest days I would ever live on this earth. The reason I went through those days was the lack of knowledge that I had. And Satan came to kill, steal and to destroy . When I was a victim, I was an easy target for him. But then !!!! The Lord shone on me, to be a overcomer. My Dream is to help at risk kids. Ones that were like me . I have recorded my first music album (His Name is Jesus - Sandra Dorton.) and plan to move to Arkansas in the near future to finish writing my book and to open a home to help those kids. The ones the Lord will send my way. I have such a love and passion to help them overcome. And that is being the Lord's hands, feet, heart, to share his greatness. I am who I am today because he loved me. He showed me how much I meant to him. Thank You! That you never gave up on me. And thank you Lord for giving me the gift to love like you. You taught everything I know. Glory to you great name. All praise and glory be to him Jesus ~ The Christ~

Just Find Jesus~

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