God gave you a treasure for you to Love~

God called her women he took her and formed her from your side~

                       From the Love that abides~

      He saw it was not good for man to be alone~

        So he gave him the best gift he had known~

The greatest call ever on his life was to Love his wife~

                        God call you to be the man~

                           The strongest of the two ~ 

               That why their will be no excuse for you ~

   You were to guide and to protect to Love and Cherish ~ 

            To honor be faithful and be the provider~

                   You lack in each of these~

               There is no Love inside of thee~

You lie and cheat and a smile comes across your cheeks~

   You think you won cause you did not have to confess~

               But you truly will live in your mess~

One day you will see your life in front of your face~

           Taking that place in front of the king~

               Giving a account for your being ~

             What will be your excuse that day~

        When the king calls for account of your life~

               And it flashes before your eyes ~

                 All that you did to your wife~

       He say away from me you faithless man ~

            I left my daughter in your hands~

      I even gave you instructions from above ~

               How to care for this dove~

You only walked in front of her or behind her ~

                 But never beside her ~

               Where I made her to be ~

           Was to be that part of thee~