Honor and Respect of Ernie Scott

For days now, I have not known what to say.  But today has became a very different day.  This picture is of someone who  was a rock in my life.  His name is Ernie Scott and he passed, away yesterday, Saturday January-Twelfth-Two thousand and nineteen at Three-forty-five pm.  We all knew his life was coming to an end.  But when it happened, it shook the foundation that this man stands.  

                                                                "Christ-The Solid Rock."

 As I woke this morning, I went to my journal and began to write about this whole weekend.  In my heart, I heard, " If you were asked to speak about this man, what would the people of this land hear you say?"  Well, I could go on for dayssss!  Because Ernie and his wife Barbara came into my life after I had been knocked off my feet, and left~ in defeat.~!  Here came two people in love with Jesus!~To help a friend in need!  They knew the love that I needed in that time.  His wife would walk through the door of our restaurant on the north shore. " As a bright and shining star!"   Ernie was a man of few words but when he spoke, the EARTH would JOLT!   He told me one day that I would write and sing and play~ FOR THE LORD.~  I thought,
 " Lord, you know that can't be true.  I don't have the gifts or a clue."   And the Lord laughed!   Well, I didn't think it was funny! From time to time Ernie would remind me to get to work.  That it was down inside of me. Those words would come if I would just let go.  Jesus will make it flow!   Well, that is truly how it works. As I sit in the silence, this is the word I heard ~

                           ~New Poem written today for my friend who passed away~

                                                            ~This One's For You~

                                                ~I met you on a day I was so blue~
                         ~ You helped me get back up again to a place I once knew~

                                                          ~Thank You My Friend~

                            ~That you stayed a little while longer to see me through~

                                                   ~God knew I would need you~

                               ~You helped me understand God's plan for my life~
                                       ~When I had sat down and gave up my life~
                                  ~You said, "NO! NO!" Your time is not over yet!!~
                       ~You still have much more to do-Oh! What joy awaits you!~
                              ~He came to give you life. Not to steal it from you~
                      ~The Lord says, "Child! Get up and do what I planned for you
                                                                      to do~
                          ~The last part of your life is filled with laughter and love~
                                     ~ "Come on now! Let's be going now!"~
                                         ~"Pass it on - What I've shown you."~
                              ~When you were stuck in the rut, I gave you a shove~
                                                   ~So you could go free~
                                 ~So give the love that you have gotten from me~
                                                               ~Love, Ernie~


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