When You Belong~

The best feeling is when you belong~

Oh how I waited so long to belong~

It seemed life had pass me by ~ 

Would I ever find a place in someone's eye?

That would see me they way  I am ~ 

As a flower created by him~ 

One said you can't expect someone to love you like the great I am~ 

Only he can love you that way ma'am~

But my father said don't accept  less~ 

I created you to have the best~ 

You are a daughter of the King~ 

Royalty is in your genes~

One I created for you will understand your view~ 

That Christ Jesus  made you anew~

What I am saying to you~ 

Daughters of the king~

Wait for your prince charming~

Because he will buy you a ring~

He won't want to get into your jeans~